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Elegant Muse II by Anna Razumovskaya

Elegant Muse II by Anna Razumovskaya
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Anna Razumovskaya
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Board Only Price:
Hand Embellished Canvas
Artwork Type:
Board Only
Image Size:
457 x 610 mm

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A woman whose mood flits between whimsical and melancholy to full-blown bereft and theatrical, whose back may be turned yet her emotions exposed and raw for all to bear pictorial witness to. Seldom does an artist capture and enhance this depth of emotional and physical being as does one of our favourite practitioners of her chosen genre, Anna Razumovskaya, who returns this Spring 2015 with this ornately crafted yet prosaically imagined brand new compositional release.

‘Elegant Muse II’ is, it’s fair to suggest, hallmark Razumovskaya, although that’s not to say we’ve illustratively been here before. Simply that the signature graphic features and ability to graciously pinpoint and convey such a wondrous array of emotions are indeed, familiar. Limited to an almost criminal run of just 195 individually-signed hand embellished canvas offerings, this 18” x 24” Razumovskaya feature sees the acclaimed and best-selling contemporary figurative artisan reaching new heights this season. Available to pre-order/reserve as we write.

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