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Dirty Dog by Samantha Ellis

Dirty Dog by Samantha Ellis
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Samantha Ellis
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Giclee On Board
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Board Only
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508 x 508 mm

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How could you reprimand them? We mean, look at their little innocent face?? Only it isn’t THAT innocent is it? Yes, it’s a face you can love unconditionally, of course, however when they make tracks though a pool of mud, that love can be sorely tested. Capturing and holding THAT love we all have for our pets, the much sought after and continually stock-rising contemporary fine artist, Samantha Ellis has pulled out all the pictorial stops once again this Spring 2017, with the advent of her very latest giclee on board limited edition. Aptly entitled, ‘Dirty Dog’, this visually resplendent 20” squared iteration marks a creative departure from the pre-revealed urban landscape and vehicle painting that the already best-selling Ellis is perhaps best known for; yet we’re 100% positive that one of the fine artists to keep a close eye on this year will secure a whole new audience for her brand new canine slants.

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