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Daisy Trail by Doug Hyde

Daisy Trail by Doug Hyde
Limited Editions of 395 - individually signed by Doug Hyde
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660 x 483 mm

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Forget all about your hybrid motors (electric, wind or recycled litter-powered), as anyone who knows anything about anything knows that THE greenest mode of transportation always was and always will be the wheelbarrow. And seen here road-testing just the thing, is a would-be Top Gear presenter in the familiar illustrative mould of Doug Hyde. Indeed, both man and, er dog, are observed here in the greatest example of quaint motoring togetherness since Wallace invited Gromit to hop on board his sidecar. You know it, we know it and the widely-regarded Doug Hyde, definitely knows it. Hence why the critically acclaimed contemporary fine art practitioner has created this brand new Spring 2017 giclee mounted study, entitled ‘Daisy Trail’. Never an artist to remain out of his adoring public’s gaze for too long, Hyde is back with a pictorial bang this season, with both this and a few other new iterations. Which will instantly bring a huge grin to his army of fans, followers and collectors alike. This hand-signed limited edition – measuring some 26” x 19” – can be ordered with immediate effect, simply by getting in touch with us and conveying your intentions. Don’t delay, call us today to find out more! 

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