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Curiouser And Coriouser! by Craig Davison

Curiouser And Coriouser! by Craig Davison
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Craig Davison
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267 x 406 mm

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You don’t need to accidentally fall down an oversized rabbit hole to enjoy a unique adventure as an impressionable child, but of course it does help. Alas, Health and Safety has ensured such instances are few and far between in this day and age, and instead we have to cast our agile and reflective minds back to the 1970s to re-engage with such times of carefree happenings and juvenile pranks. A time and place which leading contemporary figurative artist, Craig Davison knows only too well it (re)appears.

A universally acknowledged and it’s fair to say, critically acclaimed exponent of his selected craft, Davison rarely needs an excuse to travel back in time and take us all with him on the deeply satisfying pictorial ride, and his brand new Summer 2015 certainly doesn’t disappoint on that illustrative score again. ‘Curiouser and Coriouser!’ this time provides the eagerly anticipated viewer with a graphic glimpse of Alice (of Wonderland fame) playing up, courtesy of someone else’s mind’s eye; as portrayed in this delightfully engaging individually-signed, giclee mounted limited edition study. 

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