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Crossing the Grand Canal by Henderson Cisz

Crossing the Grand Canal by Henderson Cisz
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Henderson Cisz
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Board Only Price:
Hand Embellished Giclee
Artwork Type:
Board Only
Image Size:
635 x 508 mm

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More usually known for his water-enhanced streets, boulevards and café society scenes, Henderson Cisz has instead turned his hugely illustrative attentions to another watery domain; this time the instantly recognizable canals of Venice in his expertly crafted visual rendition of ‘Crossing the Grand Canal’.

This beautifully hand embellished example of his peerless contemporary cityscape-manifesting skillset shows Cisz’s craft in near perfect light, as he systematically brings to bear his long acknowledged grasp of shadow and reflection-usage on an already grand scene. Limited to a mere 195 examples of this particular one capture frame, ‘Crossing the Grand Canal’ is hand signed by Cisz for additional good artistic measure. 

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