Colours Of The Wind by Duncan MacGregor

Colours Of The Wind by Duncan MacGregor
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Duncan MacGregor
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1118 x 559 mm

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Duncan MacGregor has long found himself at the creative vanguard of pioneering new concepts in creativity, style and presentation; and through design rather than any accident, suffice to say. Beautifully and skilfully presented on glass, the hugely popular contemporary maritime art visionary has laboriously created a range of stunning pieces which will stand the ultimate test as his compositional legacy. His brand new summer 2017 glazed limited edition – entitled ‘Colours of the Wind’ – certainly doesn’t detract any from what has gone before, which will come as welcome news for his countless fans, collectors and art critics who feverishly anticipate MacGregor’s every new release. With graphically enlightening and illustratively emblazoning sail boats at the thrust of his new reveal, the mirrored images are as sublime as the pictorially gratuitous main feature itself; and will certainly appeal to a broad demographic as ever. Please speak with us now for more details with regards to potential ownership. 

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