Cobbles Ices by Timmy Mallett

Cobbles Ices by Timmy Mallett
Limited Editions of 20 - individually signed by Timmy Mallett
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Giclee On Canvas
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610 x 510 mm

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Nothing shouts summer quite like the advent of a traditional ice-cream van on the horizon; its tuneful call to arms preying on the young and weak-willed and its eventual presence leading us all like a dairy-produce-tempting pied piper. But admittedly, rarely does anything hit the spot on a raging summer’s day like a cornet, a 99 with a Flake stubbed out in it or a Mr Whippy. And much-collected contemporary artist, Timmy Mallett has jumped on the (ice-cream) band wagon and produced this remarkably welcoming composition, full of colour and verve and a simplicity that reaches right out and sucks you in. parked up on the cobbles now, awaiting the onslaught of youth and not-so-youth-like, keen to invest in their immediate summery future, Mallett’s ‘Cobbles Ices’ is nostalgically decadent to the last drop of illustrative paint and all the more invitational for it.

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