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Cinnamon World by Barry Hilton

Cinnamon World by Barry Hilton
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Barry Hilton
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Giclee On Board
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Board Only
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762 x 508 mm

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Readily citing the considerable illustrative works of both Turner and Whistler (more especially the latter’s Nocturne scenes), leading contemporary landscape artisan, Barry Hilton professes a graphic weakness for seascapes and estuary inlets when put on the spot with regard to his preferred compositional subject matter and landscape-featured natural muse. Systematically applying the approach and indeed, and to some extent, application of the aforementioned art heavyweights of yore when addressing his own pictorial concerns, Hilton points to his habitual draconian skies constructed from calm azure blues and dramatic indigos as among his favoured default settings.

‘Cinnamon World’ is a little less draconian, however having said that Hilton’s much anticipated brand new Autumn 2014 release is no less the all-consuming and enigmatic pictorial with the instantaneous ability to take the avid viewer’s breath away. Intense, sun-drenched oranges and siennas leading to yellow and ochre interludes replace the intensity of darker graphic entrails, and are punctured only by the onset of Hilton’s trademark white rural dwelling in the middle distance. Signed, sealed and delivered as a limited edition embellished canvas board iteration as part of the best-selling exponent’s very latest broader collective release, it also bears Hilton’s in-demand signature for added kudos amongst his legion of fans and collectors alike. 

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