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Cherry Blossom by Kerry Darlington

Cherry Blossom by Kerry Darlington
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Kerry Darlington
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Hand Embellished & Glossed
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229 x 610 mm

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From the advent of Polyfilla, cement and acrylics to watercolour, oils and sprays, Kerry Darlington is a great believer in exploring and experimenting with an array of diverse materials, as she continually looks at new and interesting ways in which to translate the graphical quality of the images she has in her head at any one time. Not that Darlington requires an introduction, as her reputation certainly precedes her today, however for those out of the loop, she is without question one of the undisputed movers and shakers operating in her fine art and figurative genre.

'Cherry Blossom' is the very latest in a long and hugely successful line of visually fantastical tree-related imagery which has brought intrigue and pleasure to the senses of legions of dedicated fans of her craft in recent years; and is available to pre-order via our accepted channels of communication right this instant. Represented in the iteration of Darlington's revered Unique Edition manifestations, as expected each of the limited 295 editions are hand embellished and glossed to offer almost infinite varieties. And moreover to all but gaurantee that no two, individually-signed pieces are ever the same.

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