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Check You Out by Hayley Goodhead

Check You Out by Hayley Goodhead
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Hayley Goodhead
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457 x 330 mm

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Presented here as a mounted giclee piece, 'Check You Out' is the latest pictorial incarnation by new contemporary animal artist, Hayley Goodhead.

Hayley Goodhead. You heard it here first. And just who is she? Well, Goodhead is the best contemporary animal artist you’ve never heard of. But all that’s set to change as she releases this and other impactful, quirky, witty and above all else, stunningly executed portraits of animals, all be them set at the forefront of a whole load of oft abstract, oft pop culture, oft symbolic imagery that challenges both our thought processes and initial visual reactions. Which is no bad thing.

This, ‘Check You Out’ is Goodhead’s most recent pictorial proposition for us, and like so many of her other pieces, it works on so many levels we don’t quite know where to begin. First up there’s the clever word play.

Check you out being something we’re all guilty of doing, whether it’s ourselves in a mirrored reflection or a member of the opposing gender. And then there’s the fact that the image is of a zebra and an over-sized bar code.

A bar code a vital part of supermarket ‘check out’ life and modern times. And of course ‘checked’ is another way of referring to anything monotone in colouration. 

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