Catman and Robin by Doug Hyde

Catman and Robin by Doug Hyde
Limited Editions of 395 - individually signed by Doug Hyde
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Crime-fighting duo and virtuoso vigilantes, ‘Catman and Robin’ are on the case this early 2018; keeping the streets safe, thanks to their collective guiles, wiles and other words which end in ‘iles’. Yes, one of the nation’s best-loved contemporary fine art sculptors, Doug Hyde has returned to his native three-dimensional fold post-Christmas, and with him he’s treating us to this brand-spanking new limited edition sculpture. Standing some 10” tall by 8” wide, this hand-signed piece not only features two of the cutest (not sure if that term has ever been used previously to describe a certain caped crusader, but hey ho) characters familiar to us from Hyde’s impressive visual back catalogue, but also THE BEST Batmobile the world has ever seen. That’ll be the one from the 1960s TV series, for the uninitiated. And now you can get your hands on the lot, providing you don’t sit on your hands too long, staring at this screen; and instead have a little chat with us today! 

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