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Bird of Hera XL by Kerry Darlington

Bird of Hera XL by Kerry Darlington
Limited Editions of 50 - individually signed by Kerry Darlington
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Hand Embellished & Glossed
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1092 x 1092 mm

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Rare Huge Sized Limited Edition limited to only 50 available pieces

Announcing her arrival back in the contemporary fineart loving public's conscience this early 2015, Kerry Darlington returns with much graphic fanfare, courtesy of the visually mesmeric reveal of 'Bird of Hera'. Those of you who know your Greek mythology will be aware that Hera is of course, the Goddess of women, marriage, fertility and childbirth (amongst other remits), and there's no doubts in our minds that this modern, graphic incarnation of her by the award-winning and hugely popular Darlington will appeal to a broad demographic of art fans per se.

As one of Darlington's uber creative Unique Editions, this hand embellished and glossed iteration represents something altogether different to each lucky future owner. Not lease because every single one of the strictly limited 50 editions are completely unique from the next; care of the best-selling fine art exponent's hand-crafted attention to minute detailing over these labours of infinite illustrative love. Contact us now for more details and to pre-order your very own slice of incomparible Darlington while stocls last. 

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