Baby Blue by Todd White

Baby Blue by Todd White
Limited Editions of 135 - individually signed by Todd White
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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381 x 559 mm

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Not for the shrinking violets of easily blushed of face amongst contemporary art lovers perhaps, but nevertheless a brand new compositional reveal which is destined to find favour far and indeed wide this Spring 2016. Conjured up by an art practitioner who certainly never holds back on the creativity, nor restricts the habitual injection of va-va-voom whenever he gets the painting urge, Todd White’s back catalogue is visual testament to one of the world’s biggest stars of his genre going with the flow and never taking his eyes off the pictorial prize.

Which is just how it should pan out. For him, for his loyal and unswerving fan base and for seasoned art critics alike; all of whom have long ago taken the best-selling and award-winning White to their collective bosom. And now it’s your turn to see exactly what all the fuss is about, courtesy of the very latest hand-signed and embellished canvas limited edition now readily available here. Entitled ‘Baby Blue’ this gregariously-manifested example is restricted in volume to a trifling 135 studies of its precise ilk and we’re predicting the usual footfall/interest from day one. You know what to do by now, but for those not in the loop please contact us at your first convenience to reserve your copy. 

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