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And Theyre Off by Keith Proctor

And Theyre Off by Keith Proctor
Limited Editions of 95 - individually signed by Keith Proctor
Keith Proctor's biography
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Giclee On Board
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With Slip
Image Size:
540 x 406 mm

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Ready, steady…on your marks, get set…go! As kids we all loved a race, whether it was the three-legged, sack-dwelling or egg and spoon-necessitating ones at school, or the more ruthless cross country scramble aboard our BMXs that would form our extra curricular educations of yore. Around the same time as we were part-exing our Choppers and Grifters for BMXs, space hoppers were also in their prime, and coloured many an urban playscape. Vivaciously-coloured, spherically-shaped, pneumatic air-filled, plastic-manufactured things we’d sit atop and bounce along on. Until we discovered street cred and the opposite sex of course. Celebrated fine artist, Keith Proctor takes us back to such a time of innocence here, capturing the delightful sight of a group of youngsters challenge each other to a race on an assortment of splendiferously-coloured inflatable orbs, each projecting a beaming cat-like face back at us as we burnt calories, scuffed kneecaps and made more friends. 

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