An English Paradise by Duncan Palmer

An English Paradise by Duncan Palmer
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Duncan Palmer
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Sky-line and tide-line clash with a mesmerising purity and joyous sense of life, in celebrated contemporary landscape artist, Duncan Palmar’s invigorating new portrait, ‘An English Paradise’ seen here.

There’s a refreshing and unapologetic crispness, freshness and overtly optimistic ambience to Palmar’s adaptation of an English paradise, which would bring any wall to life.

The combination of the near-white sands casually banking away in the middle distance, to the gathering and altogether summery cumulonimbus clouds, hanging in the outermost, add a finely weighted substance to counter the reliance on the tide to characterize and layer the scene.

Palmar’s routine visual description of the shifting sands is again, flawless in its oil on board documentation and effortlessly soothes the soul in its translation. 

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