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Amy Winehouse - Legends by Ben Jeffery

Amy Winehouse - Legends by Ben Jeffery
Limited Editions of 35 - individually signed by Ben Jeffery
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Giclee On Canvas
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Board Only
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610 x 760 mm

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Universally-loved, yet troubled chanteuse, Amy Winehouse’s music will live on in the minds of her fans, there’s no denying, whilst both her vocal and fashion style will be copied for years to come.

The fated Winehouse is captured here by contemporary figurative artist, Ben Jeffrey in a typical ‘take me or leave me’ pose, with trademark tattoos, gravity-defying beehive hairstyle and cigarette all in evidence on this upbeat and celebratory-noted composition that depicts Winehouse as the style and music icon rather than the Winehouse the oft-controversial figure.

Plenty of near-Gothic splendour entwined with old fashioned music hall glamour and presence fill Jeffrey’s stirring and engaging composition and remind us all of an original and still raw talent who craved love as well as attention yet ultimately paid the price set by her demons. 

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