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After All This Time by Bob Barker

After All This Time by Bob Barker
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Bob Barker
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Board With Slip Price:
Giclee On Canvas
Artwork Type:
Board With Slip
Image Size:
610 x 610 mm

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The rain may be beating down upon them, the glistening streets depicting a torrid time, from a climmatical perspective, yet the couple find at the compositional heart of this very latest Bob Barker reveal are nothing if not unfazed by this pictorial feature, as instead they appear wrapped in the timely event of each other’s returning company. Romance may not be rekindled as such, yet a moment has passed between the two once more, as they make their way onwards through winding roads, darkened corners and smoke-billowing chimneys which positively shout Barker at every graphic turn.

‘After All This Time’ is as hallmark Barker as the critically acclaimed and much-celebrated contemporary landscape exponent’s work gets, and marks a welcome comeback this year for an artist who continues to find love in the most unlikely of places. The love for Barker’s pictorial releases certainly doesn’t show any signs of being on the wane, as we’ve already experienced an impressive amount of interest in this new giclee on canvas limited edition study, which in its hand-signed capacity is predicted to vanish into the night air as quickly as it becomes available. And which essentially underlines why we’d strongly recommend that fans and collectors of Barker should move quick to secure ownership. 

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