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Affection by Christine Comyn

Affection by Christine Comyn
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Christine Comyn
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460 x 710 mm

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Bare of foot and midriff, exposed of arm and shoulder and transient emotive state of quandary, the young woman is discovered labouring intently, under the burden and duress of this ‘Affection’.

Is the affection received requited or solely one-way love traffic, or is it simply her affections toward another as yet undeclared? Acclaimed contemporary figurative artist, Christine Comyn leaves much to the imagination in her latest lesson in the aforementioned painting genre, entitled, ‘Affection’, allowing us to arrive at our own conclusions.

However, what is stressed and underlined in no uncertain terms, and up for neither negotiation nor debate, is Comyn’s signature grip of colourations, exceptional administering of hue and saturation and dedication to light, shade and reflections’ luminous qualities in the context of the main subject matter.

As always, this is delivered with unfaltering aplomb and degrees of verve, vim and vigour as we’ve come to expect of Comyn. 

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