A Wonderful Day by Duncan Palmer

A Wonderful Day by Duncan Palmer
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Duncan Palmer
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A beach as shiny and as infinitely reflective as cellophane, providing an almost carbon copy of the sky above, Dali-esque in splendour, yet minus the surreal overscore, acclaimed contemporary landscape artist, Duncan Palmar paints a simply glorious slice of coastal life in this, his latest illustrative foray witnessed here.

‘A Wonderful Day’ is a beach panorama like no other, with weight, balance and symmetry applied with logic and affection, strident across the canvas yet its brilliance never compromising the subtlety of the artistic flourishes and pictorial manifestation of considered detailing.

As is often the case with Palmar, ‘A Wonderful Day’ sees a couple, just too distant to afford subtext to, walking a dog along the tideline, with heightened breakers crashing in from the depths and torrent of the bay, banking on the seasonal wind to power its moon-based progress.

A china blue sky, an aquamarine sea and deliberated palette variations on the aforementioned colouration themes make this an evocative and somewhat enigmatic Palmar piece, projecting his reputation in this genre still further.

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