A Walk Along The Bay by Duncan Palmer

A Walk Along The Bay by Duncan Palmer
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Duncan Palmer
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You can almost sense the feeling of the sand between your toes, the warm embrace of the soft wind on your ankles and face, the hush of autumn rising and a summer well spent, the cooling waters of the bay lapping ever closer across your golden pathway as you make haste across this sandy grotto.

The late afternoon sun growing more watery with every passing ripple and effect, the breakers out in the bay crashing more with every fold of the encroaching tide. ‘A Walk along the Beach’ is classic Duncan Palmar pictorial territory, the celebrated contemporary landscape artist who champions coastal-based visual plots and twists with a familiar habit when faced with his resplendent canvases.

The paling greens, aquamarines and turquoises of the sea are instantly reflected back skyward, whilst the earthy greens of the scrub headland to the picture’s foreground, left are matched in terms of colouration and illustrative inclinations across the distant grassy headlands aimed at the painting’s horizon which also lend the perfect balance and symmetry to the piece, as we’ve come to expect of signature Palmar. 

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