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A Message For You by Doug Hyde

A Message For You by Doug Hyde
Limited Editions of 395 - individually signed by Doug Hyde
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533 x 406 mm

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Amid the season referred to as Spring, the month of February traditionally looms large; and with it the stand-out date within it, notably the 14th. Which to anyone of a remotely romantic persuasion will instantly recognise as Valentine’s Day. There may not be any flowers to speak of this spring (not from the cultured palette of Doug Hyde, that is), however the critically acclaimed contemporary figurative art practitioner certainly has hearts to offer those moved by affairs of that self-same vital organ; in the compositional shape and form of ‘A Message for You’. The best-selling Hyde’s very latest Spring 2017 giclee mounted limited edition pictorially focuses on one of his familiar characters crafting the shape which conveys love and then some, via his hands; in this newly revealed and launched 21” x 16” visual iteration. 

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