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Youthful Curiosity by Vivien Walters
The Boss by Vivien Walters
Otters by Vivien Walters
Curiosity by Vivien Walters
Black Magic by Vivien Walters
The Lookout by Vivien Walters
Beauty In The Beast by Vivien Walters
Fine artist, Vivien Walters specialises in the visual depiction of animals, pet portraiture and wildlife in general and favours the use of oil pastels, pastels and mixed media in order to bring her compositions to fruition. As well as being a full-time, exhibiting professional artist and a Professional Associate with the Society for All Artists, Walters also dedicates her time and efforts to her work as an art tutor for both groups and individuals from her home studio near Torrington in Devon.

With nigh on three decades of professional artistic experience behind her, Walters has found her works have met with acclaim (and all-important sales) both nationally and internationally where they’ve been published for wider audience exposure. Commencing her creative career in the burgeoning and ever-popular giftware industry here in the UK, Walters’s illustrative designs have been manifest onto a large number of giftware products over the past 30-odd years, including collector’s plates and greeting cards. Walters’ original paintings and limited edition reproductions are routinely sold through a growing number of UK-based galleries, courtesy of her collaboration with leading art publishers, Buckingham Fine Art, and a body of her work has been exhibited and purchased through her inclusion at the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, staged at the Gordale Gallery on The Wirral for the best part of 20 years.

Residing between Exmoor and Dartmoor in an area deemed of outstanding natural beauty and ensuring that Devon remains a popular tourist destination year on year, Walters’ paintings typically have the livestock habitual to this area featuring prominently in her compositions, including the much-loved Exmoor ponies as well as the ever popular otters of Devon's "Tarka" country. However as well as capturing the essence of the local wildlife community on eventful and superbly illustrated canvas, Walters also undertakes a high volume of sustained commissioned work for private clients; ranging from the more obvious domesticated cats and dogs through to horses, cows and the occasional wolf. Walters determines that she likes to be able to read the expression in an animal’s eyes so that she can then do the creature justice in her visual approximating thereafter.

Working in a mixture of hard and soft pastels first and foremost, Walters feels that this medium allows her to best render the tactile texture of fur, although she also interjects her studies with oils on certain occasions to lend another dimension to a piece. Animals have been an ever-present inspiration in Walters’ works of art from pretty much the outset of her career, and has sought much pictorial inducement from the introduction of her own cats and dogs; stemming from her years spent fostering abandoned felines on behalf of an animal rescue charity. Walters quips that many of these waifs and strays earned their keep by being unwitting models for greeting card designs that she completed for a variety of high street chains at the time. Forever a sucker for a troubled animal, Walters’ most recent acquisitions – two cats called Tiggy and Millie – were inadvertently homed by the artist as a result of photographing a farmer’s bull in Somerset, only for this brace of tiny kittens to make themselves known to her on site, and the rest being history. As mentioned above, a large percentage of Walters’ paintings are comprised of commissioned portraits of her client’s beloved four-legged friends, and more normally tend to be cats and dogs and the occasional farm animal, yet once she was called upon to visualise the likeness of someone’s pet Cheetah called Claudia, who had been rescued and subsequently adopted after being shot by poachers in Tanzania.

For as long as she could remember, Walters planned moving to the part of rural North Devon that she’s called home since 2007, which is an extended 19th Century cottage which also doubles as her studio; and from where she runs her various courses. Situated in a small village a mere stone’s throw from the Exmoor National Park Walters describes the perfect country idyll and base for creativity to flow. Not least from the surrounds of her elevated patio area which she adds is ideal for outdoor painting in the summer. Aside from her visual accounts of livestock and the more familiar of domesticated creatures, Walters also commits scenes of wooded river valleys and the upland heath of Exmoor itself to canvas, which again have been replicated on prints and greetings cards on the back of the originals being showcased at galleries and exhibition spaces the length and breadth of the UK.

Referring to Walters’ private solo and group tuitions which remain a very important part of her artistic life as such, she confers that she’s been providing this creative service for artists of all levels for a number of years now, via her art breaks, course and workshops and finds herself booked up annually. To support this proffering and sharing of skill bases, Walters has also added a range of email-driven, virtual workshops that see the hard-working wildlife artist encouraging and developing the individual talents of others by email seminars and internet-based tuition which she’s dubbed her e-workshops; which again have proven to be very successful to date and something she plans to run out more of.

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