Stuart McAlpine Miller

Eye Cons Portfolio Collection of 5 Editions by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Three Vital Steps Forward by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Developing the Nation by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Commotion by Stuart McAlpine Miller
The Origins of Woman Kind by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Stiking the Pose by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Altered Images - Set of 4 Boxed Canvases by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Attention! On Your Feet - Boxed Canvas by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Hats Off to the Leader - Boxed Canvas by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Spot Me Now - Boxed Canvas by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Taking The Trash Out - Boxed Canvas by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Revealed - A Personal Study (Set of 4 Prints) by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Personal Study - Revealed Portfolio (Set Of 4 Boxed Canvas) by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Resistance is Futile by Stuart McAlpine Miller
Arguably one of the hottest artists today, Stuart McAlpine Miller is definitely one to watch, as his creative star is very much in the ascendancy after the buzz created around the Scottish-born contemporary artist’s residency at London’s iconic, Art Deco-themed Savoy hotel. It’s during his tenure here – where previous artists-in-residence have included Whistler and Monet – that McAlpine Miller originated a total of 8 new compositions to hang in their foyer; and thus putting himself smack, bang on the artistic map. Of course, there are many of us who’ve followed his career avidly hitherto, and believe this far-ranging acknowledgement is long overdue on account of his provocative style and socially visual dialogue that characterises his canvasses.

Previously, McAlpine Miller had worked premiered at Memories and Futures in Mayfair back in 2010, whilst in 1996 he was shortlisted for the Provost Award at Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museums, so he has enjoyed exposure and excess before. Other high profile commissions have resulted in McAlpine Miller’s work being brought to a whole new audience in Hong Kong too, however it’s in the last couple of years – and since he’s being layering these cartoon images into his pieces – that McAlpine Miller has arrived in a larger percentage of the public’s conscious.

McAlpine Miller immersed himself in laying the ground work, the foundations on which his current successes were constructed, with little trumpeting and fanfare for the best part of 20 years; and ever since he graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in his native Scotland to find fame and fortune. His clever, immaculately conceived contrasting of cartoons and superheroes with European models (and the occasional famous movie star face) in this unique overlapping, almost transparently rendered manner he says illustrates what the artist himself refers to as the unrealistic idealism that these much revered objects present. McAlpine Miller explains how the subject matters overlap and fade into one another to depict forgotten memories and aspirations, as well as underline this subtext of a shallow existence that certain sectors of society confirm by their vacuous following of the much-papped celeb face and body and need to ‘keep up with the proverbial Joneses’.

This ‘live for the moment’ mentality, which obsesses over a continual diet of celebrity, fame, money and greed, results in aspirations of these architect’s dreams become distorted and take on an abstract appearance. McAlpine Miller is visually describing a sense of being engulfed by a cornucopia of colour and shapes, and that our lives are anything but as we strive to obtain this superficial goal. McAlpine Miller’s vision of reality is so far-fetched that it becomes a fiercely energetic blur of objects which portray the idea of a dynamic consumer-hungry society.

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