Shane McCoubrey

The Approaching Storm by Shane McCoubrey
Red Skies by Shane McCoubrey
Low Tide by Shane McCoubrey
Burnt Earth by Shane McCoubrey
Contemporary landscape artist, Shane McCoubrey is many creative things to many creativity-appreciating people, and if you’re a big fan of either (or both) sublimely coloured painted compositions and/or sublimely designed and coloured ties and scarves, then there’s no doubting that McCoubrey’s your man. And that’s because he successfully manages to balance his twin loves of art work creation and the origination of men’s fashion accessories, the former of which we’re obviously more interested in on this occasion despite the other doing little to escape our notice; and nor should it, as its creative validity is equally assured.

McCoubrey’s artistic odyssey began on graduating from the esteemed Royal College of Art in London in 1993, upon which his desire was to gain meaningful employment in the art, fashion or design industries within an international context. McCoubrey soon realised his dreams, as companies and bespoke brands recognised his obvious creative talents, and resultantly McCoubrey went on to work for some of the globe’s most iconic and uber stylish; from Gucci and Louis Vuitton through to Ferrari no less.

Whilst in the employ of these blue chip brands and other high-enders, McCoubrey was all the time plotting world domination on the QT. Or rather, men’s fashion accessory world domination as it happened, with a blueprint of ultimately creating and manufacturing his very own brand and subsequent range of men’s ties, scarves and cufflinks, utilising what he considered only the very best of home-grown and sourced materials and actual craftsmanship. Indeed, it was the gregarious emphasis that McCoubrey insisted in placing on his fabric creations being produced here in the UK that perhaps to a certain extent sets his business model apart from his contemporaries who instead choose to outsource to other parts of the world where labour might be cheaper, yet so is the end quality. McCoubrey’s support of one of Britain’s once proud industries at renewed grass root level is applaudable and should be encouraged at every turn.

With direct regard to McCoubrey’s fashion accessories, the fashion designer-cum-artist extracts his visual influences from a plethora of naturally occurring elements discovered whilst on his wide-ranging travelling over the years, facilitating the objectivity of rocks, glaciers, uncut gems and vast, unspoilt areas of natural, environmental beauty, still untouched by human hands. On these travels McCoubrey would breathe in everything and anything that he thought would broaden and expand his creative and future artistic horizons, and he loved to focus on and study the swell of colours, lights and the clarity of vistas and panoramas at both dawn and dusk. McCoubrey would detract great pleasure from sketching the landscapes that met his eye and to affect the texture and form of the earth’s ever changing surface quality and alternating colours. As an artist, McCoubrey hit on a way of expressing and conveying his awe through his paintings for what he refers to as the unpredictable and sometimes volatile drama of nature as it unfolds in your presence.

Scrutinising McCoubrey the artist and his approach and personal comprehension of art, it’s clear to see from the outset that for the largest part it embodies and promotes brushworks of the highest dynamically energised order, unrestrained and instinctively coloured and emitting an all-consuming luminous feel throughout. This fosters a perpetually evolutionary scene-shifting that as a viewer, you never tire of preying your eyes upon, whilst McCoubrey’s unique range of techniques establish volume, shadow falls and a visual constitution that brings about the pictorial resolution of large, emboldened original works alongside of hand-finished limited editions that comprise his on-going collections and retrospective works.

McCoubrey, through his painting outlet, found a way to visually verbalise himself in a fashion that his fabric-enriched menswear couldn’t quite, and it hasn’t taken long for him to gain acknowledgement for his 2D design wares, with his stock rising all the time in Britain and now receiving interest for America, Australia and the Middle East thanks in part to his art works being showcased in both private collections and galleries home and abroad.

McCoubrey Trivia: Today the artist/fashion designer resides in coastal Kent, courtesy of a little professional property locating help from Channel 4’s Kirsty and Phil from ‘Relocation, Relocation’.

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