Ronald Beaton

Swallow Bridge by Ronald Beaton
Spring Into The Chilterns by Ronald Beaton
October Serenity by Ronald Beaton
Hillside Harmony by Ronald Beaton
A fine artist with a very obvious passion and love for Britainís diverse rural landscapes, Ronald Beaton is every canvas inch a champion of country panoramic art in a richly traditional format, and his main body of work is steeped in history, respect, understanding and the need to extol the virtues of his subject matter on anticipatory audiences far and wide. Warm and comforting, rather than cold and confrontational in any manner, Beatonís manna invites us all in with consummate ease as we look out upon rural idylls that typify a country way of life in a sustained way.

Beaton is at his most restful and therefore ultimately creative mood when heís losing hours wandering beside rivers and streams, strolling down lanes and striding forth across meadows, with sketchbook clutched under his arm, stopping here, there and everywhere to take in the scenery that will be depicted in a follow-up composition. Beaton is also known to make written notes to accompany his visual jottings, which he can rely on at a later date in his studio to afford him the fuller picture. Those visions that he sees before him with every casual acquaintance transpire materialistically to convey Beatonís depth of emotion for his living, breathing, green and pleasant muse, which he hopes will instil an emotional bond between himself and the viewer. Childhood recollections of exploring the countryside and experiencing Mother Natureís finest up close and personal add to Beatonís real time observations of the past few decades, visually peppered with working dogs, cascading streams, cattle at ease in summer meadows, oak, birch, beech and ash trees manifest, whilst poppies and corn seasonally bluster to all four winds.

The artist, the man himself, Beaton was born and raised in Bedfordshire in 1945 and was fortunate enough to have the rolling Chiltern Hills pretty much on his familyís doorstep and direct and immediate access to some of Britainís most becoming natural scenery that spans some four counties in the South East. Due to an extended period of illness as a child, Beaton filled his time and developed an interest in painting, which was followed on completion of his secondary education with the attendance on a three-year course art college. Beatonís first taste of creativity within a professional context was savoured upon pursuing an initial career in graphic design; however he didnít succeed in becoming a professional artist per se until the mid-1970s.

Originally Beaton gained a name for himself as an equine artist of note, and secured regular commissions painting the likeness of many famous racehorses for their owners. At the same time Beatonís work was gaining invaluable wall space in a collection of influential galleries, which gave him access to a much broader demographic and potential future client base. Beaton was always drawn back to his love of landscapes though, which he acknowledges as his first calling from an artistic standpoint, and his popularity grew on the back of his successful one-man exhibitions that put his unique interpretations of his beloved traditional countryscapes in the limelight.

In terms of the artistís favoured materials, Beaton chooses to administer his visual musings in acrylic and oil, and was first published as part of collaboration with an art publishing house as such in 1989. This association with one of the UKís leading art publishers soon further the cause of both parties who reaped the dividends and Beaton quickly rose to become said one of the most successful artists on said publisherís books, accumulating 37 fine art publications to his credit in the process. Beatonís original studies have over the years garnered much interest and helped the artist accomplish a loyal following, a following thatís numbered serious collectors across the globe; with one particular private collection alone housing 39 pieces of original Beaton compositions.

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