Peter Adderley

Racing Hearts by Peter Adderley
Connoisseur by Peter Adderley
The Inseparables by Peter Adderley
Soulmates by Peter Adderley
One From The Heart by Peter Adderley
The Perfect Match by Peter Adderley
Little Rascals by Peter Adderley
Pussy Galore - Sculpture by Peter Adderley
Double Trouble - Sculpture by Peter Adderley
Pussy Galore by Peter Adderley
Double Trouble by Peter Adderley
Best Buddies by Peter Adderley
Shooting The Breeze - Sculpture by Peter Adderley
The Perfect Match - Sculpture by Peter Adderley
Born in 1965 in the heart of rural North Staffordshire, situated in the Midlands, critically acclaimed contemporary coastal seascape and animal artist – and sculptor to boot – Peter Adderley might have grown up surrounded by breath-taking scenery and vistas, yet was as geographically as far from the sea as it’s possible to be in the UK. Having said that Adderley now calls home North Devon, and is located no more than a stone’s throw from the spectacular and diverse coastal spreads of this beautiful corner of South West England; which gives him daily inspiration when sat in his home-based studio space.

But returning to his formative years, and Adderley recalls being actively interested in art – particularly the art of drawing and painting – from an early age. Or as he puts it, since he was physically able to hold a paintbrush in his eager hands. At the outset Adderley was adjudged to show precocious talent and a willing aptitude for creative subjects and received special attention from his secondary school art teacher who enthusiastically encouraged a young and impressionable Adderley to develop his own particular style even at that age. His prodigious ability ensured that Adderley gained a place on the art foundation course at nearby North Staffordshire Polytechnic, on completion of which he secured a place at Wolverhampton Polytechnic where he elected to study for a degree in Illustration. Adderley emerged from this regional seat of higher art education – where he was described as an outstanding student in his year - with a first class honours degree to his name in 1988, in the aftermath of blowing everyone away with his demonstrable wealth of artistic talent showcased in his final degree show.

On leaving art school Adderley focussed his attentions on gaining the requisite experience as both a freelance artist and greetings card designer, and dug deep to make a name for himself going forward. Although at times it was easier said than done, Adderley persevered and plugged away industriously right up until his big break came in 2004. Having always painted for his personal pleasure alongside of more commercially-signed compositional work, and that year his work was acknowledged at one of the contemporary art world’s most talked about, and potentially career-making, events on the calendar. That was the Spring Fair staged at Birmingham’s NEC, and this venue witnessed Adderley being nominated as a finalist in DeMontford Fine Art’s ‘New Artist Competition’. A celebrated and hugely successful fine art publishers based in the UK with a history of helping to launch the careers of up and coming artists.

Grabbing the limelight in this prized environment, Adderley’s just reward for being a finalist was the offer of a professional publishing contract by DeMontford, a company who could grant Adderley’s art the sort of mass exposure he could only otherwise dream of. Collaborating with DeMontford from that point, Adderley soon tasted the highs of being a bona fida contemporary artist, as his work soon found itself represented in countless art galleries and associated venues across the UK, all operating under DeMontford’s far-reaching umbrella. This period then allowed Adderley to develop and evolve his personal art still further, and at the same time bring it into the realm of whole new audiences.

Today Adderley pursues his art career with the same gusto as before, crafting his beautifully told illustrative tales of traditional harbour vistas and coastal community panoramas, as well as creating perhaps less nostalgic yet equally visually seductive alternative tales of the enduring relationships habitually lived out between dogs and cats; his other pet love it appears. What’s more, Adderley has also been artistically stretching himself by adding sculptures to his creative repertoire, and a collection of 3D offerings based on his predominant animal characters from his typical canvases.

Located so close to a never-ending source of material information is a God send for Adderley, and one he routinely takes full advantage of for the sake of his art, and his seascapes often flag up an array of quirky perspectives and coastal reference points that would instantly resonate with anyone who’s spent any length of time residing or simply visiting these largely unspoilt fringes of the South West. Adderley’s influences are not what you might expect, in as much as he doesn’t necessarily offer a roll call of the who’s who of old masters, or any other leading exponents of any specific movement. Rather he runs off a collection of some of the jazz age’s most prominent movers and shakers, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Courtney Pine, which if a little leftfield and unprepared for, kinda makes a deal of sense when you think about the values and creative virtues which they were synonymous with throughout their musical careers. Essentially virtuosic, deceptively simple, and delightfully accessible, and essentially echoing the qualities on show by Adderley himself.

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