Paul Powis

The Hill by Paul Powis
The Ocean by Paul Powis
Towards The Coast by Paul Powis
La Fleuve I by Paul Powis
Blue River II by Paul Powis
Blue River I by Paul Powis
En Loire II by Paul Powis
En Loire I by Paul Powis
Field Of Gold by Paul Powis
The Emperor - Penguins by Paul Powis
The King & I - Penguins by Paul Powis
We Three Kings - Penguins by Paul Powis
Tranquil River by Paul Powis
Silent Evening by Paul Powis
Born in 1949, acclaimed contemporary abstract landscape painter, Paul Powis became fascinated with landscapes when he made the move from London to rural Worcestershire in the 1980s, having up to this point busied himself capturing the famous and not so famous cityscape visual aspects of London, where he previously lived and worked. Indeed, Powis and made the UK’s capital city his home for a number of years whilst he pursued his career as an art and design lecturer, specialising in tutoring students in the disciplines of drawing and painting.

This followed on from studying – firstly in his native West Midlands at Birmingham’s College of Art and Design in the late 1960s, and then – at Brighton’s Polytechnic; where formerly Powis had gained his Art Foundation qualification and latterly a BA (Hons) in Fine Art; before embarking on his career.On finishing his training as an abstract painter, Powis began lecturing, which he continued both in London and thereafter, the provinces over the course of the following 25 years, whilst since 1988, he has been Senior Lecturer in Drawing & Painting at the University of Central England.

Yet all the time Powis was originating a back catalogue of exceptional (initial) urban and (thereafter) strictly rural landscapes, all of which harboured an abstract visual undercurrent. Inevitably Powis’s moonlighting took more of a centre stage, and after showcasing his personal illustrative works in and around some of London’s most prestigious galleries and museums, his vibrantly coloured and vivaciously worked compositions subsequently struck enthusiastic chords with contemporary art lovers near and far and wide. To date Powis has become an internationally recognised artist, fronting collections in America, Japan and Europe.

Whilst producing much for galleries under his own steam, workloads have been increased greatly in recent years with reference to his collaborations with one of the UK’s biggest fine art publishers, Washington Green. In tandem with the aforementioned, Powis’s published and widely available works have encompassed limited edition silkscreen prints, book covers, calendars, and greeting cards. What’s more, Powis’s work can now be seen on permanent display in The Place To Eat restaurant at John Lewis, Bristol and in the Italian restaurant on board the Queen Mary II, while other clients have included Harper Collins, Nouvelles Images and IKEA.

Perhaps Powis’s main point of visual reference however is his piece entitled, ‘Rape’ and which featured prominently in a universal advertising campaign by Volkswagen back in the day, which consequently afforded the popular artist exposure throughout Europe at the time. Effectively opening up a raft of new doors to Powis, he was even invited to exhibit his (then) body of work at New York’s prestigious Museum of Modern Illustration on the back of the popularity and widespread acknowledgment of that particular ad.

Powis’s signature work relies heavily on the considered application of subjective colour swatches and the overall inclusion of powerfully luminous mark-making on his typical canvases; both of which are administered in what’s widely accepted is an abstract and representational approach. Taking on board the rhythmic structure of trees and foliage which tend to comprise much of Powis’s landscapes, he routinely explores the dynamic visual harmonies exposed by nature, with a graphically defining balance, weight and compositional appeal. Choosing to commit his landscapes to canvas in either the early morning or late afternoon, Powis claims the long shadows cast over the fields and hills at his immediate artistic beck and call present his breath-taking pieces in the optimum light, and although his paintings are referred to as being largely representational, they lean towards abstraction with consummate ease when applying constructional spatial devices in the compositions and use of subjective colour to describe space.
A cross-section of Powis’s paintings have appeared in a number of art books published over the past five years, while he’s also known to be a regular contributor to contemporary art industry journals and periodicals such as Artist & Illustrator, while a collection of his original acrylics was also recently displayed at the Halcyon Gallery's ‘Art In Miniature’ exhibition in London.

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