Nagib Karsan

Waiting For The Gondola by Nagib Karsan
Grand Canal I by Nagib Karsan
Grand Canal II by Nagib Karsan
Autumn by Nagib Karsan
End Of The Day by Nagib Karsan
Fishing Village by Nagib Karsan
A New Day by Nagib Karsan
Harbour Cottages by Nagib Karsan
A West Country Fishing Village by Nagib Karsan
A Venice Backwater by Nagib Karsan
Contemporary fine artist, Nagib Karsan enjoyed a childhood divided by two continents, not to mention a couple of time zones as he spent interchangeable periods of his formative years between his native Tanzania in Africa and boarding school in Somerset, England. Born in Dar es Salaam on the fringes of the Indian Ocean in 1955, Karsan was said to have engaged with art from an early age, whether during the time spent in Englandís West Country or back home in Africa during his teenage years, however didnít go on to study art at college or university when the time came. Rather Darsan was encouraged to enrol on a six-month course in Kenya prior to the pursuit of a varied business career thereafter.

Truth be told, Karsan didnít re-enter the art fray until the tail end of the 1990s, when he found the time and was of the right disposition to re-explore his long-held interest in art and take things to the next level. Trying his hand at various mixed medias and employing differing techniques as he went, Karsan spoke of Frank Webb as an influence, whoís style of design impressionism in watercolour made the budding artist sit up and take notice. Today Karsan can be found painting on a regular basis and favours a somewhat unusual technique whereby he first introduces a collage effect of pre-printed cut paper to the image surface before and during the application process. The resultant texture, feel and two-dimensional visual ambience is pretty unique and has become something of Karsanís pictorial coup de grace. The artistís style is unrestricted in movement and fluid in execution, and thereís a very definite sense and provocation of vivacious life being lived, pressed home by an urgency and immediacy of administration. Achingly colourful and resolutely uplifting, Karsan creates coastal landscapes steeped in the justification and visual embodiment of the here and now.

Having been brought up purely a stoneís throw from two Ė albeit culturally and physically alien Ė coastal fringes, Karsan chose these environs in which to systematically portray his creative tales from the cradle of, and are visually grounded in restful study, observational familiarity and compositional obedience. Textural content is unhampered by actual form, and Karsanís pieces of carefully constructed art seek to capture the ever-shifting light, shadows and reflections of the landscapes heís dwelling on. Karsanís fascination with the West Country shows no bounds and his unique depiction of its famous fishing villages, uncompromising coastlines and unpredictable weather makes for all that you see and more besides. Karsan travels extensively in search of additionally interesting vistas and has found inspiration in the harbours of Venice of late, whilst heís s a member of several art societies and his work can be found in various galleries and collection throughout the UK.

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