John Francis

Jaguar E-Type Series 1 1961 Fixed Head Coupe by John Francis
D-Type Jaguar by John Francis
Automotive artist, John Francis was born in an iconic year for Englishmen from a footballing perspective, and himself went on to capture the very essence of another bastion of Englishness through his very personal art. Born in 1966, Francis attended Ravensbourne College of Design in Bromley, Kent where he originated, practised and honed his artistic techniques for encapsulating the aerodynamically stylistic beauty and ergonomic prowess that sets the flow of automotive lines apart from any other.

In 1986, and upon leaving art school, Francis sought employment as a freelance artist in the specialist field of automotive illustration, and in this guise collaborated with a number of popular motoring press titles during the period of his career that followed. This successful passage of time led to mainstream recognition for Francis, who in 1989 was selected by motoring industry bible, Autocar to illustrate their impending Hall of Fame series that was set to depict the worldís most beautiful cars. One of the incumbents of this title was the glorious and instantly identifiable Jaguar D Type, and in Francisís case the inadvertent commencement of a now long-standing connection with the quintessential British automotive marquee brand.

On the back of his accumulative successes with his unique illustrations and the acclaim that his commercial compositions commanded, Francis launched his own Graphic Design business which he still owns and runs to this day, yet is still passionate about his original automotive design work and habitually creates special one-off motoring illustrations for both personal and commercial ends. One such example of this was his recent commission by Jaguar Heritage who approached the artist with a view to manifesting a series of prints that visually cement a collection of some of the most appealing and iconic cars that have been designed and manufactured by Jaguar down the years. Two of the most symbolic vehicles ever bolted and riveted together by Jaguar formed the basis and starting point for Francisís latest Jaguar odyssey, namely the 3-times Le Mans-winning 1955 Jaguar D-Type and the affordable sports coupe thatís DNA formed the blueprint for successive generations of the genre; launched at the 1961 Geneva Motorshow and arguably the most beautiful car ever built, the Jaguar E-Type.

Of these Francis originals which will be reproduced in print forms for the larger market, they are destined to become very collectable in their own right, with each one being lithographically printed and personally signed by not just Francis himself, but two men both integral to and synonymous with both carís universal presence and belonging on the world stage. Roy Salvadori was Jaguarís number one Formula One driver through the 1950s, and went on to compete in both these race-bred big cats, whilst Norman Dewis was Jaguarís chief test driver for over three decades who knew both cars inside out; especially in light of him being solely responsible for ensuring that the E-Type arrived in Geneva in time for its launch at its motor show debut in í61, which meant personally driving that first model through the night and across mainland Europe at the time. Both these works of bespoke art are presented in a heavyweight Jaguar Green (British Racing) collectorís envelope embellished with the Jaguar logo.

When work allows, and outside of the remits and demands of his professional art and automotive illustrative career, Francis devotes much of his spare time to his other passions, which predominantly comprise of sketching, photography and, perhaps not unsurprisingly bearing in mind what heís been exposed to over the years, the restoration of classic cars.

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