Igor Shulman

Pasion Latina II by Igor Shulman
Pasion Latina I by Igor Shulman
Her Story by Igor Shulman
Maybe This Time by Igor Shulman
After The Party by Igor Shulman
Nudes of the female variety. Classy nudes, mind, but nudes all the same. This is the visual preoccupation of cultured contemporary figurative artist, Igor Shulman, widely considered Eastern Europe’s most prominent exponent in this creative discipline. And with very good reason. Shulman’s illustrative ensembles are exquisite pieces and always paint his enigmatic subject matters in a truly evocative and seemingly provocative light for the most part.

Predominantly seated on everyday props – from chairs and sofas to tables and sideboards – Shulman’s hypnotic muses tend to drape themselves across and over the inanimate mundane with startling degrees of illustrative seduction; and through these breath-taking compositions it’s pictorially evident that Shulman’s fascinated with the female form. Yet the acclaimed Russian artist clearly paints his women with an unguarded sympathy and understanding that few contemporary artists can rival.

Born Igor Andrianovin 1959 in the Russian city of Tver, the artist changed his name to Shulman in 1999 when he moved to Prague, where he still lives and practices today. Shulman received his training at the prestigious Vnetsianov Art College. It was at this seat of creative learning that Shulman was encouraged to appreciate the whole pantheon of artists who had gone before him, across a broad range of movements and individual styles. Having said that Shulman would be the first to admit that he was very much inspired by the celebrated works of both Degas and Modigliani, two artists for whom he maintains a profound admiration for.

However, and aside from these influences, Shulman is perpetually artistically motivated by the presence of the steady stream of women in his life. Many of them family members and friends, whilst others are actual models and lovers. Essentially any woman who demonstrates the quality of grace could well be subjected to the Shulman artistic treatment it would appear.

Putting Shulman’s illustrative work under the microscope and we soon learn that his formidable and illuminating oils fuse a more classical methodology with a contemporary slant and translation. Technically adept and highly trained, Shulman has earned an enviable reputation for his art pretty much since he started out, backed up by his individual and collective compositions having been showcased in over 30 major exhibitions throughout Europe. Explaining what art means to him, Shulman describes in no uncertain terms the thoughts and beliefs behind his signature pieces, which go to underline his ultimate rise to prominence in the industry.

Shulman; “All my life is creativity. Even in dream I draw the new pictures, I find new decisions, I think out a new reality. It is difficult for me to prefer what either style or a direction. That is difficult to stop on what genre. All is interesting to me”. Shulman goes on to add; “In art for me there are no unknown zones or the closed doors. I can draw, paint or project, but from all I receive pleasure because that I do all, I do with all the heart. I cannot live without my creativity of any day”.

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