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Your Every Wish by Drew Darcy
Love Affair by Drew Darcy
Provocateur by Drew Darcy
Tantalise by Drew Darcy
Fantasise by Drew Darcy
Irresistible by Drew Darcy
For You by Drew Darcy
Demure by Drew Darcy
Original Sin by Drew Darcy
Eye Candy by Drew Darcy
Seduction by Drew Darcy
Invisible Touch by Drew Darcy
Silver Lady (Silkscreen On Aluminium) by Drew Darcy
A Touch Of Rouge by Drew Darcy
He may be well/best known for his, how can we best put this, rather risqué contemporary figurative artworks (chiefly favouring the powerfully illustrative posturing of the female form), however of late the critically acclaimed AND rather risqué contemporary figurative artist known as Drew Darcy has been filling his painting time completing a few more leftfield studies. We’re not entirely sure if Darcy’s throwing us a curveball to take our eyes off the bigger picture(s) elsewhere, yet what we’ve recently feasted our eyes upon is nothing short of a creative departure. It appears that Darcy’s gone all Pop Art on us, what with the release of ‘Aston Martini, Lois and Clark - It’s Complicated’ and ‘Warhol – With the Axe and the Knife in the Kitchen’. All of which offered a healthy and welcoming dose of Pop Artiture for those* who love a bit of it.
For those familiar with Mr Darcy’s graphic work, you’ll know only too well that he hitherto has crafted away at mesmerising, stylistic, seductive AND RISQUE compositions, the pictorial like of which rely heavily on the involvement of the three colours. Or four if you add skin tones. Or subtract two if you class black and white as non-coloured monochromes. Billing his more expected brand of creativity as ‘the art of seduction’, Darcy has depicted women’s bums, tums and alternatively fleshy bits and Roberts in striking visual poses for as long as we can recall, and as l'agent provocateur/l'enfant terrible (delete as applicable) of the contemporary figurative movement has constructed an enviable reputation (and occasionally controversial) amongst his peer group, seasoned collectors and fans equally.
So what do we know about the hugely talented fine artist behind the shroud of compositional seduction? Well, it’s funny that you should ask, as our new bite-size Drew Darcy bio has ALL the facts. Born in 1976 in Shrewsbury (which is located in Shropshire. Which is situated in the sunny Midlands), Darcy was born into the medical profession. As in his parental unit was one half (father) doctor, the other half (mother), a nurse; rather than implying that Darcy was born in a hospital. We should imagine he was. He’s also the eldest of twins, and reckons that he has his mother’s side of the family to thank for his inherent artistic flair. Drew drew from an early age (we know, great tongue-twister), grabbing every opportunity to express his young-self through his fledgling artistry, before being introduced to oils and oil painting whilst attending Lancashire’s Stonyhurst College during his formative years. Upon bagging an impressive A-grade in GCSE Art and Design, Darcy relocated to Birmingham after winning a place at the Bourneville Art College, where he undertook a B/TEC National Diploma course in Art and Design.
In 2002 Darcy made the leap of faith from would-be contemporary figurative artist to bona fida contemporary figurative artist, in the direct aftermath of fully enveloping his potential and practically nurturing and evolving his precocious talent. What we see today – at least, prior to the foray into perceived Pop Art territory – is visually intoxicating, graphically all-consuming compositions which essentially involve an erotic contrast between the bare skin of female figures with a small amount of fabric. And a canvas surfaced place which is both fashion aware and inspired to a point, which may or may not stem from his family background. Yes, long before the medical profession came a calling, Darcy’s mother’s side (her father and Darcy’s grandfather to be precise) was the last in a long (five generation) line of Saville Row-trained bespoke tailors. So, DNA and all that may well have played an inadvertent part. That and the fact that as a child Darcy was surrounded by fabric, apparently.
Returning to Darcy’s art though, and on the back of his successful debut exhibitions and the subsequent gaining of clients and commissions as a by-product of that initial charting on the contemporary art scene at the time, Darcy began courting even more attention when selected galleries in London and elsewhere across the UK began showcasing his new works too. This exposure inevitably led to Darcy being spotted by one of the country’s leading fine art publishers, Washington Green, who have long had a glowing CV for growing promising artist’s reputations and placing their signature works in all the right places from a commercial perspective. Also key to Darcy’s star finding itself in the ascendancy was the fact that he debuted five new pieces at a major exhibition in Birmingham in 2004, which was met with an amazing response and effectively paved the way for future successes, looking back.
Away from the palette and brushes, and when Darcy isn’t creating stunning figurative and/or Pop Art-inspired compositions which continue to go down a storm amongst his followers of all creative persuasions, he can be found immersing himself in his music. Perhaps if the art hadn’t turned out like it had, then we’d be writing about Darcy the musician. Only we wouldn’t, as this is a contemporary art site of course. But you get our drift. Music has always been vitally important to Darcy, almost on an equal standing with his paintings, and even spent a few of his early years whilst figuring out exactly what he wanted to do with his life touring the UK and Ireland, gigging with the guitar-based band which he formed. And even now Darcy reaches for the strings when he’s taking time out from the art, as he confirms here. Darcy; “In the time waiting for the paint to dry, music and song writing is another creative output for me. Music has always been a huge passion of mine”. He goes on to add; “My studio has a microphone and guitar at arm’s reach. I find myself working at best with music, lyrics and canvas. I can easily lose myself as the hours rush by in this intense creative environment”. Fair dos we say, as it only adds to his artistry from where we’re looking (although not listening).

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