Dave Markham

Robert Burns' House by Dave Markham
Dylan Thomas House by Dave Markham
Keith Richards' House by Dave Markham
Ted Hughes' House by Dave Markham
John Lennon's House by Dave Markham
William Shakespeare's House by Dave Markham
L S Lowry's House by Dave Markham
George Harrison's House by Dave Markham
Lake District Boathouse by Dave Markham
A Lakeland Bothie by Dave Markham
Bridge House Ambleside by Dave Markham
Sherlock Holmes' House by Dave Markham
William Wordsworth's House by Dave Markham
Mason's Arms by Dave Markham
To give him his Sunday best name, David J Markham was born and bred in the North of England, in the Lancashire mill town of Brierfield back in 1963. A typical education saw him leave Walton High School for Nelson and Colne College, followed by studying Business Studies at degree level at Preston Polytechnic (as was). Departing said higher educational establishment with a 2:1 tucked under his arm in 1984, Markham decided upon pursuing a career in marketing, taking up roles with the likes of General Foods, BP and Booker, before later assuming a position within the fishing industry in Grimsby.

Like so many artists, Markham’s artistic career has been influenced by music, and vica versa to a certain extent, as the two creative fields more often than not sit hand in glove with one another at selected junctures in the lives of exponents of both. In Markham’s case he was actually in a band, being a member of a lively collection of groups local to the North of England who regularly gigged. Markham’s musical influences came courtesy of punk and post-punk era bands and movements, which meant a lot of high voltage energy, anarchism and in-yer-faceness. So it will surprise few to learn that this rich seam of seeming anti-establishmentarianism flows into Markham’s subsequent artistic style and endeavours too. Well, it would, wouldn’t it? Ralph Steadman, John Piper, Paul Simonon, Ray Lowry, Sir Terry Frost and Jean Jansem - to name but a few artists - have subconsciously aided and abetted Markham in creating some compelling, if not loose-fitting and energetic works.Throw in a liberal splash of Andy Warhol and Charles Rennie Mackintosh and you steadily begin to construct the fuller picture.

Speaking of construction and Markham’s area of creative composition expertise lies in architecture and his penchant and drive to visually document both old and new buildings in his very unique, often crazily-paved fashion. Markham readily believes that such buildings effectively define who we all are as people, as a collective society and how we primarily view the world. The self-taught artist chooses pen and ink with varying washes as his artistic weapon of choice in which to attack his canvases, and delivers sucker pictorial punches c/o his oft-frenzied, borderline haphazard application, and has come a long way in the three years that he’s been showcasing his work commercially.

Most recently in 2012, Markham’s latest body of work was exhibited at a gallery in Yorkshire and entitled; ‘Built in Yorkshire and Sketches of France’. As you’d expect, the compositions centre on buildings and architectural detailing, and as always, went down a storm with art fans, collectors and critics alike. The gallery owner spoke at length about the type of person who buys Markham’s highly stylised work as someone who appreciates the personality and individual charm of a building being captured. And naturally the artist received many commissions from clients who wish him to portray their home in his own inimitable manner.

On this topic, Markham has painted homes ranging from country cottages and town houses to Queen Anne mansions and even French holiday homes, and if possible insists on home visits, where he can discuss the owner’s needs and take his own photographs of cherished houses; although he will also work from a client's photographs. And of course everyone receives Markham’s trademark ‘bunny’ doodle in the corner of their compositions, which has become the artist’s visual signature. Indeed, those who commission Markham to capture the likeness of their properties are all in receipt of a complimentary rabbit sculpture along with their bespoke artwork.

When pressed on his work, his style, his creative vision, Markham simply adds; “I work quickly but in a controlled fashion. My work is direct. It embraces chaos but out of chaos comes a sense of order. I look at buildings, both old and new, and put my own slant on things. They are not chocolate box interpretations of houses nor are they photographic representations. They tend to be gritty with an air of romance”.

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