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Coplu is a Turkish-born contemporary artist who has his mother to thank for teaching him the rudiments of art, or at least some of the key components facilitated across many creative divisions. As a youngster, Copluís mother, herself a weaver, educated her son about the representation of figures, the meaning of patterns and also the profound, emotional role that colour plays. As a professional artist, and all these years later, Coplu still very much adheres to his motherís documented principles and subscribes to the beliefs that there are three predominant elements that when coming together in his own work express vibrancy like nothing else; colour, humour and technique being his three degrees of creative separation.

Copluís formative years, although comprising of well-upholstered memories of optimism and warmth as a family unit, were chequered by the socio-economic backdrop of his homeland at the time. As a coping mechanism as first as an adolescent and later as a young man, Coplu increasingly turned to his brushes to release his frustration at political reform taking shape in Turkey, identifying that this creative outlet could give him the freedom of expression that he sought. Humour was integral to this process and as Coplu maintains, wit is one of the most effective ways in which to open minds and raise consciousness to certain issues. Coplu the artist sees his work as a mirror that essentially reflects his feelings, beliefs, thoughts, hopes and conversely, fears alongside of other experiences that we all share as we go through our lives, and cites relationships that we touch on and interact with, coupled with environments in which weíre connected to as instrumental to his compositions.

Coplu was born in Ushak, which is found on the eastern side of Turkey, yet now he lives and works in Vancouver in Canada, and returning to the subject of his childhood we learn that his family were involved in the carpet business, as suggested when mentioning above that his mother was a weaver. Family members spent their days making dyes, colouring yarns, drawing figures and matching patterns, and Coplu himself tells of his mother transporting him around in her backpack, freeing up her hands to work, whilst at the same time explaining the process to her somewhat captive, and possibly too young to understand, audience of one. Copluís family upped sticks and relocated to Istanbul when he was just six, and he made the bustling city, known as the gateway between Europe and Asia his home for another three decades thereafter.

Reminding ourselves of Copluís passion for art being partly fired by his witnessing of his countryís lurch toward censorship and restrictions on freedom of speech in the 1980s, combined with challenging and oppressive political and social landscapes emerging, itís at this point the artist began to draw cartoons, to lend visual voice to his own feelings and thoughts brought about by difficult situations. Going on to study Mining Engineering at Istanbul University, Coplu struggled to concentrate solely on his coursework, as he focussed on the social issues circulating during this troubled period. Inevitably he lost his way with his studies and realised that his art meant more to him than learning about rocks and soil as he succinctly put it.

Coplu submitted a body of retrospective composition work of acrylic on canvas for his first joint exhibition, held in Istanbul in 1984, and on the back of this initial showcasing he quickly became a well-loved and widely-collected contemporary artist. There followed numerous solo exhibitions in Turkey, along with participation in numerous multi-artist showcasings across the globe, catapulting him as an artist into the big league. Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Spain, USA and Canada all observed Copluís work hanging in their galleries, while his illustrations have been published in a raft of magazines, newspapers, books and catalogues throughout mainland Europe to date. Gallery-wise and Coplu has exhibited in Ode to Art Gallery, Singapore & Malaysia, Howe Street Gallery, Canada, Gallery 444, San Francisco, America and State of the Art Gallery, Hong Kong amongst others.

Copluís recognition within a wider arena commenced in 1989, with him receiving the Nasreddin Hodja International Cartoon Competition Special Talent Award, yet since then he has received 25 awards in national and international competitions, including a second prize in a cartoon competition in Okhotsk,Japan. Coplu contributed cartoons to the Turkish Daily News for over five years, whilst he also established an Open Air Cartoon Exhibition Space and the Cartoon School of Antalya. With regard to these institutions, Coplu has taught a large number of students the art of injecting humour into their subject matter and to always seek out the humorous side of life in whatever theyíre looking at. These days Copluís compositions are mainly purchased by private collectors and institutions and in terms of UK coverage alone are sold in over 50 galleries across Britain.

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