Carol Mountford

Flat Iron Building New York by Carol Mountford
Eros by Carol Mountford
St Pauls Vista by Carol Mountford
Amsterdam Lights by Carol Mountford
Moulin Rouge by Carol Mountford
Sacre Coeur Paris by Carol Mountford
Millennium Wheel by Carol Mountford
Rainy Manhattan by Carol Mountford
St Pauls London by Carol Mountford
With a successful background very much cast in interior design, landscape artist Carol Mountford only put brush to canvas 20 years ago, yet hasn’t wasted any time in becoming an established artist within her specific genre and gaining a dedicated following for her trademark style. Mountford’s artistic raison d'etre is cityscapes, and the vividly illustrative documentation of them. Any we’re not talking just any old metropolises either, as Mountford has a thing for some of the globe’s most iconic, history-steeped, romantic thoroughfares, which she captures with lavish yet resolutely abstract flourishes of watercolour and acrylics. London, Paris, New York and Venice have all fallen prey to Mountford’s unique strokes of richly textured genius, as she apprehends and accentuates the steel, the rapture, the energy and the multi-faceted dynamics of these wonderful cities through her deployment of colour, light and shade.

Starting out with a palette of watercolours and a strong visual identity in her mind’s eye, Mountford has progressed to the application of acrylics on canvas as both her confidence, style and natural talent has evolved over time, and she possesses this ability and freedom of expression to harness the mood of a scene and everything that populates an individual vista with these signature free flowing, unrestrained style, along with the injecture of much colouration and vitality. When questioned, Mountford talks of a desire to experiment more with collage going forward, which she believes will lend a greater volume to the overall vibrancy of her works, especially so with her New York panoramics. According to Mountford, she’s now progressed to facilitate larger and broader canvases than previously favoured. Citing the great Impressionists and the art movement as a whole as inspirational for her own brand of art, Mountford is a recent convert to the contemporary landscape works of German artist, Bernard Vogel and Brit, John Piper, by her own admission.

Mountford’s accumulated successes have coincided with her collaboration with one of the UK’s leading fine art publishers, Buckingham Fine Art, which has resulted in her individual compositions and collections appearing in galleries nationwide. Since first turning her hand to art as a profession, Mountford has collected many prizes in local and regional exhibitions where her art has been showcased, whilst she’s been featured in both Artist and Illustrators magazine and International Artist to date.

There’s a gloriously transient, rapidly-etched look and feel to a trademark Carol Mountford composition, all dip and flash and streak of brush and candescence of a palette brimming over with the colour of life and times. To be honest, there’s not many contemporary artists who can hold a torch, nevermind a brush to a Mountford piece, who can imagine and then create such a zestful, slick visual that contains so much gritty reality to its pictured hustle and bustle like Mountford can and does with alarming regularity. Ten storey buildings wrapped with brevity of colour and warmth, mingle with fastidiously time warped yet still familiar thoroughfares alive, alive-o. So, as we’ve already established Carol Mountford is a contemporary landscape artist first and foremost, and one who’s relatively recent stock is very much on the rise. We mentioned landscapes, yet nine times out of ten, Mountford exercises her right to paint whilst looking out upon and over cityscapes. Cityscapes of the dramatic and familiar variety, only viewed through altogether different and incredibly new eyes.

Mountford is a relative newcomer to the world of contemporary art too, having only really put excited brush to hesitant canvas a mere 15 years back, having focused her career to date in the realms of interior design and practice. But Mountford has certainly made up for any considered lost time by originating an impressive and timeless back catalogue of highly-charged, visually decibelled compositions that positively leap right off the canvas at you. The cityscape which Mountford has studied with such nu-wave vigour and verve are in actual fact tried and tested ones, and number the old familiars such as Paris, London, Venice and New York. Yet what Mountford has done is pictorially recreate that same energy and buzz that the sprawling metropolises themselves throw up and are iconicised for. Mountford deliberately and painstakingly ramps up the visual drama with ferocity of brushstroke and liberal lashings of light, reflection and shadow, and then soaks the canvas in a culturally-imbued downpour of sheen, sparkle and presence.

Now under the wing and commercial guidance of one of the UK’s leading art publishers with whom she’s been collaborating of late, Buckingham Fine Art, Mountford has also progressed from her default watercolours on paper, in which she started out and gained confidence and her ambient style, to the acrylics on canvas which have now become her signature strip, as she continues to harness and capture the draconian and ever-changing moods of a cityscape with her abstract strokes and seismic control of creative mind and hand. Mountford is a self- taught artist and describes her style as loose and free flowing with lots of colour and vitality and has already collected prizes in local exhibitions and has been featured in Artist and Illustrators magazine and in International Artist, so is definitely a contemporary artist to keep tabs on going forward.

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