Bill Bate

Zephyros by Bill Bate
Sirocco by Bill Bate
Levanto by Bill Bate
Lady Of The Reef by Bill Bate
Deep Blue by Bill Bate
Cool Blue by Bill Bate
Underwater Dance by Bill Bate
Breaking Through by Bill Bate
Towards The Light by Bill Bate
Into The Blue by Bill Bate
Follow Me by Bill Bate
Known chiefly for his staggeringly atmospheric seascapes, respected contemporary figurative artist, Bill Bate is something of a dab hand when it comes to the artistic discipline it would appear. And nudes in particular. All of course painted in his trademark subterranean environment/20,000 leagues beneath the sea setting. Ironically – and going against the Hollywood grain – none of Bate’s deep sea diving women are illustratively cast as mermaids, and all possess both their own legs; rather than a glitteringly scaly tailpiece. And that’s because, although Bate’s work IS fantastical to look at, it’s not fantasy stuff; despite it being generally looked upon as such by his legions of fans and contemporary art critics alike.

Not all of Bate’s female forms are holding their collective breath, as some are discovered making (slightly) less of a compositional splash on the shoreline, whilst on certain pictorial occasions the artist will depict the female subject matter with a man. Or both could be exchanged for a spontaneous shark. Bate clearly likes to mix his graphical things up a bit. Conversely, when Bate isn’t painting the absolute likeness of underwater females, he can just as easily be observed capturing the visual essence of flowers; albeit in his signature watercoloured/washed fashion.

It’s a universal consensus that Bate’s paintings habitually transcend the realms of traditional figurative studies, as he seeks to manifest and ultimately convey this evocative illustrative serenity, which is thus moulded to proffer a seemingly mysterious ambience courtesy of his measured application of colour and light. With his own imagination the resident starting point for his creative journey, Bate will sketch a figure onto the surface area initially, before working into its presence and allowing the image to develop and evolve organically. Lighter hues and saturations are fused with one another, once the darker base has been established, each individual layer being administered before the previous one dries.

Born in 1962 in Liverpool Bate displayed a keen interest (and precocious talent) for art – and painting especially – from an early age, and went on to gain a place at the Liverpool Polytechnic, before attending the famous Central Saint Martins School of Art in London to study Fine Art; and from where he graduated in 1984. It was during this course of study that the definitive Bate design language and highly illustrative style that we recognize today emerged, as he experimented with a more abstract approach to his work. Having said that, Bate’s crowning portfolio witnesses a pleasing blend of abstract and realism, which announces itself as a truly dream-like pictorial scenario. Bates says; “Central was a great education as it introduced me to more abstract ideas as well as developing figurative skills”. Bate also continued to explain that placing his (now) familiar figures in a watery context affords them a greater sense of freedom and unrestricted, fluid and altogether transient movement, when describing how he settled on his present themes.

Bate has long been inspired by a diverse range of iconic artists and leading exponents at the vanguard of their specific genres and associated art movements, including Caravaggio, Rothka and Alma Tadema, who are all said to have had a profound influence on Bate’s work over the years.

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