Annora Spence

Pig On A Table by Annora Spence
Flower For The Bird by Annora Spence
Horse & Flower by Annora Spence
Lady & Accordian by Annora Spence
Lady & Two Dogs - Red by Annora Spence
Lady & Two Dogs - Blue by Annora Spence
Annora Spence - Book by Annora Spence
Man With Bird Cage - Red by Annora Spence
Under The Umbrella - Blue by Annora Spence
Under The Umbrella - Red by Annora Spence
The Rickshaw by Annora Spence
On The Tightrope by Annora Spence
Man On Stilts by Annora Spence
Ted (Dog) by Annora Spence
Animals. Various animals. Animals with people. Animals riding in cars and boats. People. Various people. People with other people. People playing instruments. People and animals riding in cars and boats. There’s something very British about Annora Spence’s peculiar brand of art. And for British and peculiar read ‘quirky and fascinatingly funny’ rather than ‘comfortable’ and just plain old ‘odd’. Spence’s joyously uplifting contemporary figurative/still life (and not so motionless life) abstract art is incredibly free-spirited in its graphic presentation and appeals to modern art fans/collectors of all tastes and denominations. Spence’s thought toward and fusion of colours, balance, weight and composition is truly considered and representative of someone who approaches their art with a fastidious mind-set and the confidence to deliver the visual goods time after time; which of course Spence has built an enviable reputation for.
Spence was born in 1963 and after finishing her secondary education she elected to study a Printed Textiles course at the (then) Liverpool Polytechnic. After completion of this, Spence went on to gain her master’s degree in the self-same subject matter at the (equally then) Birmingham Poly. In case you’re wondering, Poly’s were phased out in the late 80s/early 90s to be replaced with technical colleges or had their higher education providing status upgraded to that of a university. Anyway, with the British further education system reform information out of the way, we return to Spence and her next endeavours and travails; which for this record saw her finding post-graduate employment as an independent artist and designer. That was until the advent of the 1990s, when Spence chose to dedicate her future career to that of professional painting; or rather, painting professionally. And in this guise enjoyed countless sell-out shows both here in the UK (notably London) as well as abroad.
Speaking of the continent and beyond its many borders, and Spence has since travelled extensively – including sojourns as far as India and Asia – observing and absorbing the colourful characters, cultures and traditions of each area. And of course, these field trips have served as idea fact-finding sorties from which her experiences have inspired most of her art, and perhaps goes some way to explaining the reasoning behind the often rich and almost opulent hues and saturations which Spence has a pleasing habit of adopting for her signature compositions. Having said that, Spence is far from being a slave to one specific colouration ideal or mantra, instead contrasting her more intense palettes with more discerning alternatives, whilst all the time constructing toned and textured layers irrespective of the surface imagery.
What’s more, humour has always played a formidable leading role in your typical Spence pictorial offering, and she successfully conveys this important element through her tried and tested figurative forms, while striving to illustratively manipulate the images and characters to forge and prosper the intended development of the narrative around them. In Spence’s more recent history, her paintings have taken on the subject matter of interiors more and more, while as always ensuring that scale of the finished graphic article is right given the context of the individual muse. Often by reversing the scale, Spence finds she can change the mood of the piece, inevitably changing certain perspectives to accommodate the humourous element within. Indeed, the mainstay of Spence’s work promotes a degree of narrative which routinely displays eccentric characterizations and animals in comic situations and/or immediate environs.
In 1994 Spence began designing and originating bespoke limited edition silkscreen prints and each new edition has completely ‘sold out’ within record time, and in addition to this the hugely popular contemporary fine artist has begun producing etchings and bronze sculptures to add to her already impressive portfolio of creative talents. Today Spence’s work can be found hanging in private and corporate collections throughout the world and meanwhile she continues to craft sculptures, calendars, cards and book illustrations alongside of her more conventional work means of pictorial expression.

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