Alan Hunt

High And Mighty - Giraffe by Alan Hunt
Okavango Apparition by Alan Hunt
Okavango Apparition - Canvas by Alan Hunt
The Big Yawn - Hippos by Alan Hunt
The Catch by Alan Hunt
Love Bites by Alan Hunt
Roar Of The Jungle - Tiger by Alan Hunt
Who Are You Shoving? - Elephants by Alan Hunt
Always Alert - Tiger by Alan Hunt
Eat My Dust - Elephant & Birds by Alan Hunt
Trouble Brewing - Tigers by Alan Hunt
But This Is Our Home - Orangutans by Alan Hunt
Beauty & The Beast - (Lion, Lioness) Sculpture by Alan Hunt
What Nest? - Rhino & Bird by Alan Hunt
English artist Alan Hunt named himself the “zoologist who paints wildlife”; after studying zoology at Leeds College and Bristol University and art at Middlesbrough Art College.

While Hunt was working with wild animals, in parks, zoos and reserves, he painted them, and became an artist only when people began to take interest in his art. Today, his art hangs in both private and public collections and he has a large fan base not only because of his art but also because of his work raising money for environmental groups.

Hunt is now published by NWF editions and the net proceeds of his paintings go towards helping charities that deal with endangered species and environmental problems.

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