We Can Dream by Lawrence Coulson

We Can Dream by Lawrence Coulson
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Lawrence Coulson
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Giclee On Board
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559 x 559 mm

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The award-winning and ever-popular contemporary landscape artist, Lawrence Coulson is hugely influenced by his local Cambridgeshire fens landscape. Living on the edge of this perma-inspiring environment, everything in Coulson’s visually breath-taking compositional works is dominated by these signature huge skies and endless horizons. Coulson’s brand new Autumn 2015 reveal doesn’t waiver from this, and again pictorially represents a perfect graphic snapshot of a very special time and place.

Entitled ‘We Can Dream’ this enticing canvas on board limited edition study pictures a far-away couple, seemingly lost in each other’s presence, making haste down a track toward a distant lake, whilst being enveloped by the creeping twilight all around. The moon is their only guide, whilst the gentle lapping of the water their sole soundtrack. Available to reserve/order right now, this Coulson-monikered 28” squared iteration would instantaneously bring any urban living space to life, and lift the spirits and mood of all who took in its pictorial majesty. 

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