The Treasure of Life by Lawrence Coulson

The Treasure of Life by Lawrence Coulson
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Lawrence Coulson
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1118 x 368 mm

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A perfect woodland arena is momentarily interrupted by the passing resemblance of two cyclists, venturing through an otherwise unbroken and populated vista the like of which is visually harvested in the minds and eyes of only the most accomplished of contemporary landscape art practitioners. Which on this pictorial occasion is as close to the truth of the illustrative matter as you’re ever likely to wander.

‘The Treasure of Life’ is graphically representative of the very latest Autumn 2015 canvas on board limited edition study, which comes courtesy of a certain Lawrence Coulson. The critically acclaimed fine artist extraordinaire has returned this season to unveil an exciting new portfolio entitled, ‘Through all Seasons’; which essentially celebrates all that is good and great about the British ecosystem and calendar. Available to order as of now, this Coulson-monikered iteration is destined to leave the shelves in no time at all. 

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