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The Nature of Monkey Was Irrepressible by Craig Davison

The Nature of Monkey Was Irrepressible by Craig Davison
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Craig Davison
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Giclee On Board
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With Slip
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406 x 660 mm

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Acclaimed figurative artist, Craig Davison takes the viewer on a magical journey back to the late 1970s in his latest composition, and a time when every young boy and girl wanted to mimic the style, the moves and super human powers of their new role models and heroes appearing in every comic book and in every movie.

From Superman, Batman and Spider-Man through to Dracula, the Three Musketeers and Monkey Magic. The later of which Davison turns his creative attentions to on this occasion.

Determined to complete their quest in The Journey To The West, the monkey king Sun Wukong travels across the land with his friends; the former immortals Shā Wùjìng & Zhu Bajie and the master priest Tang Sanzang; according to prime-time kids TV show, Monkey Magic around that time. And cleverly, quirkily and amusingly, Davison chooses the hero of these tales as the subject of the young lad’s vivid imagination witnessed here.

Leaping out of Monkey’s formidable shadow, the adventure re-telling youngster sees himself as the lead character, as he creates a new chapter in the company of his play friends. 

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