The Answer by Nic Joly

The Answer by Nic Joly
Limited Editions of 90 - individually signed by Nic Joly
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Wall Sculpture
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610 x 610 mm

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Whether it’s the colourful dresses the female figures wear to the balloon, which is cast in plaster and then mounted on hand-painted wire, there is so much pleasure to be had from the very latest visual offering by a leading contemporary sculpture artist who is forging an enviable reputation for creating witty, cheeky, pictorially alluring three-dimensional snapshots which focus on the simple things in life; the sort which routinely escape the notice of many of us as we instead get embroiled in unsightly everyday trials and tribulations.

Nic Joly has long made a habit of reconnecting lovers of his work with, well, a love of life and times itself; courtesy of graphic interludes and illustrative episodes which resonate with all of us, such as this. The ‘this’ is compositional question in this instance is a romantically-charged pictorial piece which the renowned contemporary sculpture exponent has himself described as being ‘close to his heart’; whilst also admitting that it’s the favourite of his brand new Spring 2016 releases. ‘The Answer’ will represent many things to many people, and with this in mind we’re bracing ourselves for a flurry of interest in this 24” squared, hand-signed wall sculpture now that it’s in the public domain. Factor in that it’s a strictly limited edition study, and demand is all but guaranteed to outstrip supply. 

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