Thats How We Rolled by Kealey Farmer

Thats How We Rolled by Kealey Farmer
Limited Editions of 45 - individually signed by Kealey Farmer
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Hand Embellished Giclee
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775 x 584 mm

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From a Union Jack and a Robin Reliant van through to Florence and Dougal and the Live Aid logotype, there’s something quintessentially very British about Kealey Farmer’s hotly-anticipated new hand-signed and embellished giclee limited edition which has just been released as of Autumn 2016. Entitled ‘That’s How We Rolled’, this visual snapshot retrospectively takes us all down memory lane, courtesy of the best-selling Farmer’s instantly familiar pictorial hot takes. Revealed as part of the formidable (and long-practising) fine art exponent’s brand new, er, ‘New Beginnings’ collection, this 30.5” x 23” study features the heavy presence of a might tree; from which all the above-mentioned throwback trinkets take root. A recurrent theme through the entirety of Farmer’s latest portfolio, as you’ll see for yourself hereabouts.

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