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Sunrise Over the Village by Paul Corfield

Sunrise Over the Village by Paul Corfield
New Release
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Paul Corfield
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Giclee On Board
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Board With Slip
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1016 x 508 mm

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Interrupting the natural flow of his more normal greens, the advent of a plethora of striking orange hues (amid an even lusher green impact that ever seen previously) will almost be viewed as something of an illustrative departure for Paul Corfield; when fans and collectors feast their eager eyes on the celebrated contemporary landscape painter’s brand new autumn 2017 limited edition release. Not that the best-selling Corfield’s hitherto back catalogue of work has been anything other than visually arresting, yet somehow more muted and occasionally conservative in their illustrative values. ‘Sunrise over the Village’ (as the name implies though) was never destined to be a shrinking violet when it came to bold colouration, and with that in mind the award-winning Corfield has delivered a full-blooded assault of the colour senses this season, which will inject walls the length and breadth of the UK with sheer volumes of light, now that the natural source s are diminishing courtesy of the season upon us. Contact us now for more information.

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