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Sunlight Over the Tree Tops by Paul Corfield

Sunlight Over the Tree Tops by Paul Corfield
New Release
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Paul Corfield
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Giclee On Board
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Board With Slip
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610 x 610 mm

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“Lights, camera and action!” Only there’s no need for camera, and the action amounts to the rising sun casting magnificent aspersions at the reflective qualities inherent in the white rural dwelling in the epicentre of Paul Corfield’s very latest giclee on board release. Although roundly ignored by the beacon-esque appeal of said white building; a prominent feature of any Corfield future classic. But returning to the not inconsequential matter of ‘light’, and glorious, ebullient and up close and personal this element is, when immersing yourself in the acclaimed contemporary landscape artist’s brand new autumn 2017 visual offering. Entitled ‘Sunlight over the Tree Tops’, this gregariously imagined, sought and compositionally delivered 24” squared giclee on board study grabs the viewer’s attention like nothing else this season, and is destined as a consequence to find new homes in but a blink of the eye. Hence why we’re politely suggesting that interested parties speak with us at their first convenience to enable furtherance on their acquisitional part. The usual channels of communication are recommended for prompt response. 

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