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Stay With Me by Derrick Fielding

Stay With Me by Derrick Fielding
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Boxed Canvas
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1219 x 305 mm

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This gorgeously hued and saturated visual snapshot of an almost fantastical coastline, complete with the welcome advent of a plethora of life and calming times puts the viewer deep into Derrick Fielding illustrative territory; as visually manifest in the acclaimed and hugely accomplished contemporary landscape artist’s brand new Summer 2015 release.

Entitled ‘Stay With Me;, we doubt very much anyone looking into this stunningly crafted and sublimely presented original boxed canvas study would want to be anywhere else. We for one can’t take our eyes off the seismic panoramic scene we’re afforded in this 48” x 12” original compositional study. From cliffs and clouds to sea and sand, and equally from birds and bushes to rocks and romance, there is literally, or rather, graphically, something for everyone. We are now open to enquiries on this Fielding masterclass and would urge interested parties not to loiter with intent for too long so as not to miss out on this unique opportunity of ownership.  

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Stay With Me by Derrick Fielding