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Darren Baker
To be perfectly honest there are very few people out there who can say that they’ve painted Teddy Sheringham’s likeness, and if they are one of the select few they’re pro .... more
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John Francis
Automotive artist, John Francis was born in an iconic year for Englishmen from a footballing perspective, and himself went on to capture the very essence of another basti .... more
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There’s no doubting the far-reaching influence Pele had on the game of football, globally and the generation-spanning impression he left as his legacy. Pele, arguably, pa .... more
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Sherree Valentine Daines
Traditional impressionistic visual snapshots of certain aspects of quintessential English social life are what much sought after figurative artist, Sherree Valentine-Dain .... more
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Steven Binks
There’s far more to celebrated watercolour artist, Steven Binks than merely paintings of vintage agricultural machinery, although the compositioning of classic tractors d .... more
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Tony Smith
The sheer thrill and raw, undiluted excitement associated with motor racing has never been more graphically illustrated than by the considered and celebrated brushstrokes .... more
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