Sitting Pretty by Kay Boyce

Sitting Pretty by Kay Boyce
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Kay Boyce
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An almost eerie glow of cohesive, flat brown, sienna, near sepia colouration, flat in appearance and all-consuming to its backdrop retreat forms the canvas base to acclaimed contemporary figurative artist, Kay Boyce’s most recent visual presentation witnessed here.

‘Sitting Pretty’ captures the illustratively-compliant excellence, and indeed layers elegance, of a trademark Boyce figure; namely a dancer, or performer having completed their dramatic turn.

Whether or not on this occasion, the young woman’s routine was of an amateur or professional nature isn’t hinted at within the canvas boundaries of the composition, leaving the viewer to arrive at their own conclusions.

Either way, she’s contemplative in emotion and stature, sat tentatively on the edge of a decadent, period piece chair, as grand as the gown in which she’s wearing.

All sepia, peaches, vanillas and creams, the flesh tones depicted on her shoulder and neck are of the highest artistic order, which we’ve grown accustomed to in Boyce’s familiar works, while the weight, balance and measured perspective of the subject matter in relation to the frame is exquisite and well-informed, creatively.

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