Silk and Satin by Kay Boyce

Silk and Satin by Kay Boyce
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Kay Boyce
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Hans Christian Anderson illustrative flourishes and candour of colourations are in pictorial evidence here, albeit subconsciously, from the cultured hand of celebrated contemporary figurative artist, Kay Boyce.

‘Silk and Satin’ is a sublimely detailed and executed masterclass in the origination of something powerfully evocative in terms of principle subject matter, yet conversely so simplistic of form and technique, whilst spatial awareness and construction of colour, light, shade and reflection is peerless in Boyce’s most recent visual study.

The study itself focuses on one of the artist’s favoured pictorial topics, that being dancers and performers, caught off duty as it were. ‘Silk and Satin’ embodies one such dancer sat, pensively and lost in her own pre or post-performance thoughts, of either what’s gone before or what is about to pan out.

Amid a stealthy background of a seemingly flat neutral, stone-like swatch, sits the dancer, in a resplendently white, clean, crisp dress, complete with extra-curricular drapes and scarves that act as a prop to her routine.

Realistic skin tones and immense illustrative consideration applied to the young woman’s facial features and torso combine to make this an alluring, evocative and sentimental piece that will appeal to a broad demographic. 

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