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Saba On The Stairs With White Wall by Fabian Perez

Saba On The Stairs With White Wall by Fabian Perez
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Fabian Perez
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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Board Only
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229 x 305 mm

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Exquisitely applied eye-shadow and lipstick, eyebrows plucked to within an inch of their very existence and hair that would grace the cover of a magazine.

Indeed, Saba’s intoxicating beauty is befitting of any catwalk, found in any fashionable city, in any given stylistic season forecast. Yet Saba’s life has taken a very different route, and is found admired by men (and loathed by women) for reasons that polite society simply cannot understand or tolerate.

Part of the ornate fixtures and fittings of certain after hours establishments, Saba works through the small hours to make ends meet, and is captured here in all her glamorous despondency by celebrated figurative artist, Fabian Perez.

Blacks and browns and silken skin colours have never appeared so vibrant of brush and pronunciation, as Saba reflects on an alternate life, lived out in a parallel universe. 

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