Our Walk To Forever by Lawrence Coulson

Our Walk To Forever by Lawrence Coulson
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Lawrence Coulson
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When routinely asked to describe his very latest Autumn 2015 mini-series, the critically acclaimed contemporary landscape exponent, Lawrence Coulson speaks of his landscapes concentrating “on the atmosphere of particular locations rather than the geographical characteristics. “ Indeed, the widely regarded practitioner found at the vanguard of his chosen art movement goes on to say; “I am interested in what they make the viewer feel and what they can draw out of the painting. Collectors in the past have employed wonderful phrases to describe the work, ranging from ‘escapist’, ‘romantic’ and ‘melancholy’ – all of which pretty much grasp what I am trying to achieve.”

Whether you take it from the artist himself, us, or indeed your own understanding and interpretation of this stunning new reveal, we have little doubt you’ll be joining the orderly queue to get your hands on this enigmatically-crafted 28" x 16.75", hand-signed iteration which forms a core part of Coulson’s latest portfolio. Entitled ‘Our Walk to Forever’ this strictly limited edition canvas on board study can be yours with immediate effect should you choose, providing you contact us via our usual channels of communication ASAP. 

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